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Online agent’s collapse problems won’t go away as more sellers reveal their anguish

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Mon 29 Apr 2019

Online agent’s collapse problems won’t go away as more sellers reveal their anguish

Mounting numbers of House Network vendors have been contacting EYE after the online agent went into administration and the apparent buyers bought it out, only to decide against trading just days later.

Consumers who would not normally be among our EYE readers have found their way here after no other media outlet appears to have covered the story.

EYE has given all the enquirers contact details for the administrator, Hudson Weir.

This is despite Hudson Weir so far being unable to respond to us as to how we should help former House Network sellers who paid upfront.

Our estate agency readers, on a day to day basis, relate to the stresses and circumstances of home movers and have special insight into people’s lives.

However, this particular story – given below with permission – may emphasise that point:

“My name is Jacky and I was so shocked yesterday as I found out that Housenetwork has gone into administration.

The only reason I knew this was because I was trying to call my so called personal negotiator to ask her what was happening as regards to the sale of my cottage.

There was a message on the phone to say her phone line was temporarily out of order. I then tried another number and got the same message.

I then looked up House Network on my computer and couldn’t believe they had gone into administration.

There was no advice, nobody to go to for answers and I paid up front last July to the tune of £1,170.

I felt quite smart about what I had done and was very confident about selling the cottage with House Network.

I felt sure they were going to sell, because I was led to believe the cottage would sell within 28 days as advised over the phone, however as time went on there was no personal contact over the phone from the personal negotiator, only emails about market and explanations which went over my head.

After paying top whack I might have thought that it would have been nice if I could have had a phone call explaining personally to me what was happening.

Quite frankly I found the emails were depressing and I began to feel not a valued customer whatsoever.

To find out the way I did yesterday about House Network gone into administration and nobody contacting me is disgraceful particularly taking into the account the money I have paid.

I have proof of this and my case number. I am at a loss as to what to do next.

Every door to House Network has been closed in my face.

Please can you help me. I just don’t know what else to do and I am at my wits end.

I saw your website and it was so helpful I thought I would tell you my story and perhaps you may be able to give me a contact which might help my situation.”