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Landlord Fees

Landlord Fees

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Letting Only - 3 weeks rent deducted from the 1st months rent (rent x 12/52 x 3)




Our Let Only Service is as detailed below. This service is only suitable should you wish to deal with the day to day running of your property yourself.




We will visit your property to advise you on the rental income achievable, and to answer any questions that you may have about renting and agree the most suitable service for you.




We will prepare details and advertise your property on the internet, our shop window and the local paper. We will also erect a “To Let” board if required.


Any additional advertising is at the request and expense of the landlord.




We endeavour to meet all prospective tenants to ascertain their suitability and of course, accompany all viewings of vacant properties.




Having found potentially suitable tenants we will obtain references from all applicable sources. These would include the following.




  • Employers Reference
  • Landlord’s Reference
  • Accountants Reference (if self employed)
  • Credit check covering addresses over the last 5 years




Draw up an Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement.




Collect the first months rent in advance together with the security deposit, which is held against any repairs, replacements, dilapidations or unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy.




Notify the relevant gas, electricity, water companies and the local authority for council tax purposes, at each change of resident and provide meter readings where appropriate.




The deposit will be held by the DPS (Deposit Protection Service) and no charge will be made. 




Rent Collection - 8% of Monthly rent deducted monthly from the rent received plus Initial set up fee for rent collection of- £180.00  Rent guarantee not included




Our Premium Rent Collection service offers landlords all the benefits of the let only service together with the convenience of our Gould and Harrison collecting the monthly rent on your behalf.  We will:




  • Set up a standing order from the tenants’ bank account into our Client bank account.
  • Issue monthly statement’s showing exactly how much has been credited into your account.
  • Transfer the monies due each month by online banking direct into your own bank account.


Pursue any arrears of rental payments on your behalf if and when necessary






Full Management Service – 10% of monthly rental figure deducted monthly from the rent received plus Initial set up fee of- £180.00 Rent guarantee not included




Our Full Management service offers Landlords all the benefits of the Let only service and Premium Rent Collection service as well as peace of mind that your property is being looked after on a regular basis, should you choose not to become involved in time consuming issues, or because it is impractical for you to do so.




Should there be any general maintenance required at the property or problems with the property needing urgent attention, we will arrange to obtain estimates and supervise any repairs and ensure that they are dealt with as quickly and professionally as possible. The payment of any accounts in respect of works carried out is subject to the landlord’s account being in credit.




We carry out routine visits of your property and advise you accordingly of our findings.




This inspection is purely to check on the general condition of the property and ensure the tenancy is being conducted in a correct manner. Obvious defects would be noted but if any further or more detailed inspections be required by us or any other qualified body, it would be by special arrangement and subject to an additional fee. We will also conduct a full and concise checkout at the end of the tenancy to ensure that the property is clean and in a good state of repair for the next tenant.




The deposit will be registered with the DPS (Deposit Protection Service) and no charge will be made.       




Full Management Service – 12% of monthly rental figure deducted monthly from the rent received plus Initial set up fee of- £180.00 Rent guarantee included





Caretaking service - £36.00 per inspection. (Let only & rent collection services only)




Tenancy renewals - £114.00 per renewal




Tenancy checkout fee £114.00




Inventory fee -

If a new inventory   £120.00 for a studio or 1 bed property


                            £150.00 for a 2 or 3 bed property


                       £180.00 for a 4 or 5 bed property