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The Government has launched a consultation into EPCs.

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Sat 28 Jul 2018

The Government has launched a consultation into EPCs.

The Government has launched a consultation into EPCs.

It wants to hear from sales and letting agents, and is in particular looking at the quality of EPCs; their availability; and whether they encourage action to improve energy efficiency.

The call for evidence has been launched by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

It follows findings that some EPCs are unreliable for older homes, while a mystery shopping exercise in 2014 found EPCs varied markedly – on 29 homes, almost two-thirds had a variation spanning at least two EPC bands.

There is also concern that, with minimum standards now being set for rental properties, some landlords and letting agents are ‘gaming the system’ by, for example, making it look as though the property has more insulation than it actually has.

The consultation on EPCs, covering England and Wales, closes on October 19.


The Government has also issued an update on minimum standards in private rented homes. Its summary of responses to an earlier consultation was also published yesterday, showing that of a total of 198 responses, just five were from letting agents and 13 from landlords, while 36 were submitted from a climate action campaign.


In a separate consultation, estate agents using drones to create photos or videos for property listings may have to start using apps to register their flight plans.

The Government is consulting on a range of measures to prevent the misuse of drones, including on-the-spot fines and the ability to seize them if necessary.

Under the proposals, agents and anyone using a drone weighing more than 250g would have to register their flight using an online management system to monitor any traffic.

There are also proposals to introduce minimum age restrictions and to expand the 1km flight restriction around protected aerodromes.

Currently, drone users cannot fly over 400ft and anyone using them for commercial purposes, such as estate agents, requires permission and a licence from the Civil Aviation Authority. This consultation closes on September 17.